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PADI "From zero to hero" training

Dive with style , Dive with us

Change your lifestyle and immerse yourself into your new life ! Book now "FROM ZERO TO HERO" training and complete all your dive levels from beginner to PADI Divemaster at Pimp My Dive ! An easy way to change your carreer or lifestyle ! 

 Pimp My Dive gives every students a quality scuba diving course and a professional developpement.

« From Zero to Hero » is an educational formula who includes a complete scuba dive teaching system from the
« Open Water » to the first professionnal level « Dive Master  ».

This training will be in two parts : THE RECREATIVE part and the PRO part

First part of your training, you learn to become « Open Water » then upgrade to « Advanced  Open Water » and finally « PADI Rescue ». First part of this training can be done in a month or two, depending on the frencency you ll dive and the number of dives to have the prerequisites amount of dives to begin next superior level course. 

Objectives :

Learn and discover scuba diver's job
Enroll in a scuba diver carriere
Abillity of working everywhere in the world
Perfect framework for learning scuba diving
Lot more opportunity of working directly at Pimp My Dive and in any other PADI dive center
Worldwide PADI recognision

Pre-requisites :

18 years old
be motivated
to want to become a professional PADI

Price :

80 000 THB

Schedule :

From 1,5 to 2 months

  Pack « From Zero to Hero » includes :  



   Pimp My Dive T-shirt

   Pimp My Dive logbook

   PADI Open Water course (e-manual)

  PADI Advanced Open water (e-manual)

  Emergency First Response course (e-manual)

  PADI Rescue course (e-manual)

  60 dives  total

  PADI Dive Master course

•  PADI Dive Master Crew Pack

•  Certification fees for Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver and EFR course 

 Fruits, snacks, tea & coffee, refreshments, boat fees


(Non included) fees Registration new professional 




 PADI Open Water

Objectives :
To be certified as an autonomus diver "Open Water"
Dive to 18 m

Pre-requisites :

18 years old
 Own a good health condition and a medical cert from a doctor

 PADI Advanced Open Water

Objectives : To be certified as an autonomus diver « Open Water »
Dive to 30 m

Schedule :
Two days
Pre-requisites : 18 years old
Be Open Water diver
Own your compas , dive computer , torch

This course includes 5 introductions dives :

Navigation Dive

Night Dive

Deep Dive

Wreck Dive

Perfect Buoyancy Dive

PADI Rescue   +First Aid - CPR course

Most divers find this course the most challenging but also the most rewarding.
Be prepared for those unexpected emergencies. This course will teach you about accident prevention and how to handle difficult situations that might occur whilst diving.
You will learn how to avoid, recognise and confidently solve problems on the surface and underwater.
Schedule: 3 days 

Pre-requisites :

18 years old

Be Advanced diver
Own your navigation tools, compas , dive computer , torch, sm



PART PRO   « PADI Dive Master Training »

Objectives :

Become a dive professionaI PADI Divemaster 

Find work anywhere in the world as a PADI Divemaster.


 1 Month
 The schedule will be sent to you at the start of your DMT course.

Pre-requisites  :

18 Years Old
Dive pro Insurrance
Cerified Rescue Diver

40 Logged Dives
Current EFR Status (or other equivalent first aid training)
Have your own equipment by the end of the course (hightly recommanded but not obligatory)
COMPAS, COMPUTER,SMB and MASK are requiered tho
Your DMT is the first professional stage in your diving career, which you can continue through Pimp My Dive.
The program you will be following will teach you all you need to know about the role of PADI Divemaster, with your training centered around dive theory, confined water skills, and open water training dives.

At Pimp My Dive we train divemasters so that they will be ready to work anywhere in the world.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving As a Trainee Divemaster you will assist instructors on courses of all levels, from Open Water to Rescue, and act as an intermediary between students and instructors. You will have the chance to solve problems underwater and help prepare students and equipment for the dive. During your PADI Divemaster training The PADI Divemaster is a very important part of your training as a Dive Professional. You will learn to demonstrate all of the basic diving skills to the high standard expected from a PADI Dive Professional. As a Divemaster you will use these skills when conducting Scuba Reviews, to refresh the skills of certified divers who have not been diving recently. You will have to map a Koh Tao dive site. Finally, at the end of your training, your mentor will ask you to guide a group of divers, your principal role as a Divemaster, around a Koh Tao dive site. In the ocean, or in a swimming pool, you will be able to demonstrate PADI diving techniques.

- The Science of Diving: You will take several theory courses on the Science of Diving; Physics, Physiology, Decompression Theory, Equipment, Aquatic Environments, Dive Standards and the Role of a Dive Professional Structure academic presentations from Open Water to PADI Rescue

- In-water ability tests: You will be tested on your swimming ability, have to demonstrate scenario from Stress and Rescue, and pass a practical exam. The DMT (Divemaster Trainee) is a very important step in your career as a PADI Diver. You will be trained to a high standard and gain sufficient experience so that you are ready to work anywhere in the world as an PADI Divemaster. Throughout the course you will take several theory and practical tests to monitor your progress and improvement. You will be asked to solve problems both under the water and out of the water whilst learning the craft of Divemaster Diving. You'll learn the Science of Diving in the classroom and under the water, and after completing your PADI training you will be ready for the final Divemaster exams.

- The Role of an PADI Divemaster: During your course you will gain an understanding of the Recreational Diving Industry You will learn about the organisation of a Dive Shop and a Dive Boat. This will include a Boatmaster workshop where you learn to provide surface cover from the boat to divers during a dive.




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