Ended the holidays spoiled by ear problems

Infection and ear discomfort are the most common health risks involved in diving, often causing permanent damage.

Many divers find that they have to interrupt expensive, long awaited diving holidays as a result of ear problems. The financial losses and unmet expectations are enormous.

"Water and pressure affect each diver's ears. "

The mask with ear protection is for divers who have difficulty equalizing and problems with ear infections regardless of experience.

This kind of mask is designed to counteract most of the inevitable effects of diving, such as pressure and water infiltration into the ears so you can have more fun underwater.

The feeling of tightening you feel during a dive is caused by the imbalance of pressure on either side of the ear canal.

Water in the external ear canal exerts pressure inwards, causing discomfort or pain.

With a protection mask, the pressure on both sides of the eardrum becomes equal, and the sensation felt in your inner and outer ear is the same.

The ear domes are connected to

the mask tank by two small flexible pipes.

This system is able to balance the pressures without any problems.

Benefits are :

Easier equalization of water pressure

Improved underwater hearing and direction

Prevents the risk of ear infection

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